Specialize in the manufacturing of PRINTED CIRCUITS BOARDS - having factory in Singapore and China for prototyping and High/low volume , High Mix models.
Single , Double sided plated thru holes , Hybrid and Multilayer Rigid PCB up to 20 layers.
Flexible Circuits Boards- Single , Double -sided and 6 layer.
Specialize also in PAD's Over Vias, High Frequency materials (Rogers, Taconic, Nelco) and Edge Plating Technology.
Impedance control and Differential control P.C.B
P.C.B- Layout and Design from electronics schematic.
P.C.B- Assembly , turn-key.




  • Small to Mass volume production (minimal order 1 piece)

  • Standard production lead time of 5 to 7 days

  • Quick turn - around service : 24 hrs express.

  • P.C.B - Layout and Design from electronics schematic.

  • Turnkey assembly.

  • Special arrangement and collection of waste for recovery and lab anaylsis.

  • 24 hours delivery on gold Potassium cyanide, silver Potassium cyanide and Rhodium.

ISO 9001:2015 , Printed Circuit Boards & PCBA